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Business runs on the world wide web

From customer service chats and e-Commerce platforms to project management software and business analytics, the world of business is continually becoming more and more digital.

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Beneath the Surface

Applications tailored to your business

While every company has its own unique needs, each business needs to be thinking digitally. Digital technologies and solutions offer many advantages, but not all applications are the right fit.

At 3merge, we understand the unrivalled value of a perfect fit. We build custom business applications with secured online access for your users. For workflow automation, integration or collaboration, our turnkey solutions provide scalable tools for your team.

Outcomes & Applications

From concept to concrete

We turn your ideas and visions into web applications that deliver real value. Some of our core capabilities include:

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Web Applications

Web applications provide your business with an accessible and scalable solution that can readily integrate into your operations.


Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are web applications with more advanced functions, such as offline access and a native app-like experience.

Native Applications

Native applications are built for a particular operating system. We use React Native which allows us to write in JavaScript yet render in native code.

Custom Software

Custom software is perfect for unique business needs such as specialized user roles, individualized processes or specific applications.


Dashboards integrate data from all of your sources and report on the analytics that matters most to your business.

Custom Front-Ends

Custom front-ends maintain brand identity, adhere to compliance standards and create a consistent user interface across your systems.

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Step 1

Identify & Ideate

The creation process for building a web application begins with your goals and identifying the best method for accomplishing them. Combining this with the functionality you envision, we ideate and prioritize the features that will deliver the most value to your project.

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Step 2


Our development team uses the MERN stack to engineer web applications. These four technologies integrate extremely cohesively with one another and provide a scalable architecture for our cloud-based solutions.

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Step 3

Iterate & Improve

Technology is continually evolving and advancing. We regularly check-in with our client partners to counsel them on how these advancements impact them and advise on additional improvement strategies.

Our Process

Tools of tomorrow

Times are changing. Today's obstacles evolve at an unprecedented rate, and they require modern solutions. When creating a web application, our goal isn't to only build an answer for your immediate challenge; our goal is make you a tool for tomorrow.

Some Of Our Client Partners
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