Remote Work Enablement

Physically divided, virtually united

More than just messenger services and video conferencing, true remote work enablement fosters collaboration and connectivity similar to working onsite.

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Beneath the Surface

Continuity that defies disruption

Whether predicted or not, disruptions challenge your business' resilience to radical changes in the market. Maintaining normal operations is second only to you and your network's health and safety. But is your business adequately prepared?

Our approach to enabling remote work is centered around creating digital counterparts to the daily onsite interactions in your office. 3merge specializes in helping teams leverage cloud-based technologies to integrate disparate systems, building central points of connection, and facilitating more in-depth data usage.

Outcomes & Applications

An office with no bounds

Extending your office's functionality outside of your physical doors adds immense value to your operations. Regardless of staying home or working on the go, remote work solutions can enable:


Solutions that support input and feedback from a larger number of employees improves overall organizational communication.

Data Accessibility

Decrease task friction and the need for workarounds by securely opening access to your data systems.

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Digital collaboration solutions allow employees to work together in real-time across teams, departments and locations.

Integration of Data

Reduce both local and remote employees' efforts by connecting and integrating your siloed and disparate data systems.

Cloud-Enabled Continuity

Free your business from the shackles of on-premise software with cloud-based solutions that support your office's continuity regardless of employee location.

Use of Data

As you improve data accessibility and integration, you will unlock greater data visibility and be able to leverage it in more of your work and decision-making.

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Step 1

Identify & Ideate

Our approach to designing remote work solutions begins with evaluating the functions you wish to create and identifying existing obstacles and constraints. We then ideate options for overcoming these gaps and building a seamless experience.

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Step 2


Enabling remote work typically requires simultaneously implementing multiple components, such as workflow changes and new software solutions. We support you by helping you measure the effectiveness of these changes.

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Step 3

Iterate & Improve

Similar to the catalyst for remote work, future trends and disruptions will necessitate improved solution iterations. We consult and advise you on how to best adapt your processes to address upcoming challenges.

Our Process

Stepping up to the plate

Braving new disruptions can be both difficult and daunting. We make it our mission to support your efforts with advice and solutions to maintain your competitiveness and continuity. So you can step up to the plate and knock it out of the park.

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