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Behind every great business are the people and processes that make it run. While this hasn't changed in the digital age, it is starting to look different.

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In today's world, speed is the name of the game. As your business grows, you add more steps, tasks and systems to increase your capabilities. But functional improvements often come at the cost of increased complexity and reduced efficiency.

3merge's deep expertise with automation helps businesses of all sizes optimize their internal processes. We transform your tired processes - driven by paper, spreadsheets and dated software - into centralized systems designed for growth and efficiency.

Outcomes & applications

Value-driven automation

Digital process automation is widely applicable across a business. Whether it is an internal sequence or an externally facing process, DPA can dramatically impact your business in many ways, including:

Time Savings

Automating the manual aspects of your process increases completion speed while also freeing up time for higher-value tasks.

Error Reduction

Automating your process reduces associated manual errors while including checks and balances in the workflow to maintain data integrity.

Cost Savings

The combination of reducing errors and eliminating redundancy results in increased process efficiency and decreased costs.

Compliance & Security

In addition to reducing errors, process automation also provides improved task oversight - making it easier to meet compliance and security requirements.

Use of Data

As your process is automated and becomes more digital, you increase your access and ability to leverage data, analytics and insights.

User Experience

Process automation creates a more engaging user experience as effort diverts from manual, administrative tasks to more dynamic interactions.

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Step 1

Identify & Ideate

The most crucial part of your process is your users. Starting with them, we thoroughly review your workflow to identify all optimization opportunities. We then guide your ideation and layer this feedback on to our plan.

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Step 2


We follow an agile methodology for implementing our DPA solutions. This approach enables your team to test and validate features as soon as they're built, providing user feedback earlier in the project.

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Step 3

Iterate & Improve

The impetus for transforming your processes in the first place will trigger the need to update it again in the future. As your business grows, we will be here to help you optimize and manage the evolution of your processes.

Our Process

Challenge the status quo

Growth demands more of your staff and organization, but there comes a point where more effort doesn't result in more business. We question what is possible to pursue the optimal, helping you challenge the status quo through innovation.

Case Study

How we helped The UPS Store reduce order processing times by 75%

This system was required to help reduce many manual administrative tasks, including standard calculation, data sorting and formulating.

Efficiency Improvement
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