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Portals are an access point to information. In the business world, portals connect customers, employees and partners to the information that is pertinent to them.

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Your gateway to success

How much time do you spend searching for the right information before feeling frustrated? With an overwhelming amount of data and disconnected systems to sift through, finding what you need is tedious and difficult.

Ease of access and usability are critical components to creating positive user experiences. At 3merge, we optimize internal processes and enhance user experience with self-service portals. Our cloud-based solutions improve communication, increase engagement and enable greater data visibility.

Outcomes & Applications

A shoe for every occasion

Similar to shoes, there are portals for every type of occasion. Whether it is for customers, employees, partners or any other stakeholder, we can build a portal based on your user's needs. Some common examples include:

Customer Portal

Improve the customer experience with a portal that answers inquiries, provides relevant information and fosters community.

Partnership Management

Keep you partners informed of new products, sales and marketing information, training materials and general updates.

Part/Asset Management

Consolidate and track warranties, contract expirations and other key dates and information regarding parts and assets.

Online Configurator

Configurators can simplify multi-part or component order processes by matching smallers pieces to larger equipment/solutions, highlighting related parts and managing customization options.

Self-Service Applications

Self-service portals connect users to the information that is most important to them while reducing the load on live-support channels.

Applicant Portal

Applicant portals centralize pertinent information, consolidate submissions and direct users to relevant resources.

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Step 1

Identify & Ideate

As a centralized solution, it is essential to identify the sources and systems from which your portal will extract data. We then collaboratively brainstorm the most effective and efficient ways for your users to interact with this information.

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Step 2


Our web portal implementation strategy is user-focused. Releasing the solution in phases reduces change management blowback and improves user adoption.

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Step 3

Iterate & Improve

User feedback collected from the implementation provides firsthand insights into feature changes and requests. We use an iterative approach to address each concern and improve the user experience.

Our Process

Wave of the future

Timing can mean the difference between capitalizing on a trend and chasing after it. As your technology partner, we help you navigate the ocean of disruptions and trends, positioning your business to ride the waves of the future.


How to improve your customer experience and bottom line

Improving your bottom line and customer experience are typically seen as mutually exclusive activities - but a surging digital transformation trend is changing that.

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