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Staying aware and informed of advancements in the digital space can be a job itself. So, where do you find the balance between your day-to-day work and being a digital expert?

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Beneath the Surface

A digital transformation partner

Like any other professional relationship, finding the right digital transformation partner can impact your current operations while building future value. They will offer more than just direction and will serve as an extension to your business.

At 3merge, our philosophy is to provide value in everything we do. We help clients formulate and navigate digital roadmaps through various value-added services. Whether you're seeking strategic guidance or looking for ongoing leadership, we're here to help and be your digital transformation partner.

Outcomes & Applications

Tried, tested & true

Leverage the culmination of our expertise and experiences to investigate, scope and consult on your next project. Our most common consulting engagements include:

Pre-Project Consulting

We work with you to ensure your project idea fits your budget, technical requirements and timeline - while still accomplishing your goals.


Research, Development and Planning (RDP) provides you with a blueprint for your next project. We outline all your technical specifications down to the individual ticket level.

Digital Workplace Assessment

We will evaluate your current digital workplace maturity and provide you with an assessment that will prioritize your digital projects.

Virtual CIO

Use 3merge as your innovation and technology leader, on a flexible basis, with the goal of creating and managing your IT strategy.

Digital Transformation

Partner with us to formulate a digital transformation  roadmap that strengthens short-term performance while building towards long-term improvement.

Process Automation

More than just creating digital counterparts to manual tasks, we will assess your processes from end-to-end and identify optimization opportunities.

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Technical Teams

We collaboratively work with your Technical team to ensure your digital plans accomplish your goals. Services like Pre-project and RDP consulting provide valuable guidance and insight for your upcoming technology ventures.

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Operations Teams

Our engagements with Operations teams often focus on identifying high-value process changes. With services such as Digital Workplace Audits and Process Automation, we outline the solutions and steps that will yield our client partners the most value.

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Sales Organizations

Sales organizations partner with us to digitally transform their processes. We advise groups on technology solutions and digital practices that streamline workflows, optimize employee efficiency and build a scalable structure for sustained success.

Areas of Focus

Know your niche

We value our time and yours, which is why we don't pretend to be great at everything. We'll be transparent about areas outside of our expertise and direct you to the resources that best fit your needs. As a partner, we excel in projects across three business functions: technical teams, operational teams, and sales organizations.

Some Of Our Client Partners
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