The UPS Store

How we helped The UPS Store reduce order processing times by 75%

Manual order processing tasks plagued The UPS Store with errors and inefficiencies. A unified, automated system transformed their process and provided novel business insights.


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Order Management System

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Decrease in Processing Time

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Custom Reports Created

The Challenge

Every day, The UPS Store locations across the country would compile their daily order data into spreadsheets and email them to corporate headquarters. At the end of each week, a senior executive would manually comb through the information to reconcile orders, advance them to fulfillment, and capture sales information. This method seemed necessary, given the complex calculations involved in processing new orders; however, it also:

  • Regularly cost senior members hours in administrative work
  • Begrudgingly allowed for clerical errors that impacted shipping times
  • Diminished data visibility and insights which impeded growth opportunities

The UPS Store needed a modern solution that supported its daily operations and positioned it for ongoing success in the future.

What We Did

A critical goal for this solution was reducing as much of the manual work as possible.  After thoroughly reviewing the end-to-end order process with The UPS Store, we identified several workflow optimization strategies.  

3merge prioritized features that automated repetitive and manual steps.  We also emphasized leveraging data to drive their business insights and decision-making.

We engineered a web application that provided a unified overview of current and historical order status while introducing sequencing automation and notification triggers.  We also built more than thirty custom reports that granted greater visibility into order statuses and intake loads.

The Results

The UPS Store saw an immediate impact on the business.  In addition to reducing order processing times by 75%, the centralized solution also decreased entry errors and delays and granted greater business intelligence with improved data visibility.  The UPS Store was thrilled to leverage a system that improved both employee and customer experiences.

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