How we helped Gentek modernize their legacy platform

An outdated legacy platform blocked the iteration and evolution Gentek sought. A suite of new solutions enabled integration with other software, improved accessibility and increased performance.


Consulting, Legacy Platform Modernization, Digital Process Automation


Reseller Portal, Back-End Management System, Customer Management Suite

Result 1

Increase in Application Performance

Result 2

Improved Accessibility with Mobile-Friendly UI

The Challenge

Gentek, a national distributor of broadband, network and VoIP products, understood that the world of sales has changed. They recognized that evolution and iteration were mandatory in order for them to remain a top distributor. Much of their existing workflows depended on manual processes and a slowing legacy platform, becoming a growing maintenance concern and overall outdated system. Additionally, it was not mobile accessible and limited the potential for automation. A change was needed to serve their customers better and improve their day-to-day operations.

What We Did

3merge strategized with Gentek on how to re-envision their processes and software. Gentek highlighted additional platforms and offerings they wanted to incorporate into their operations; thus, integration was a core requirement of their new solution. From here, 3merge helped them identify workflows to collapse, unused features to remove, and how to enhance baseline functionality.

Modernizing the Gentek legacy platform required multiple components. 3merge engineered a new reseller portal and a customer management suite that digitized customer onboarding. We also rebuilt Gentek's back-end order management system and their returns management system, both of which are crucial to their sales and fulfillment operations.

The Results

Gentek saw a dramatic improvement from its previous processes and platform. The new solutions featured a mobile-friendly user interface, which improved accessibility. They also noticed a 13x increase in process efficiency due to the combination of consolidated workflows and faster software. Each system leverages REST API design, making them integration-ready with additional third-party platforms. Finally, these solutions enabled access to untapped data and business intelligence.

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