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Innovation driven, growth focused

Automation is no longer just for enterprise. Our goal is to help clients adopt and onboard solutions that empower their business to excel further than ever before. Using tools customized to their processes, customers and needs, we help foster innovation, support growth and enable scalable automation.

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What Fuels Us

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Our Mission

A purposeful pursuit by the innately inquisitive

There are those compelled by curiosity to understand what makes the world around them tick - an innate inquisitiveness that does not stop at the first plausible answer. These individuals strive to see the bigger picture, separating cause from consequence in their pursuit. At 3merge, we look for talented minds who want to journey down this path and drive business impact through technology solutions.

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Our Values

The core values behind
our work

We believe open communication, trust and collaboration are the foundation for a sustainable partnership. These core tenets guide our engagements and inform the broader values behind our work:

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Software for People

Our technology enables your people to work smarter. That's why we always insist on feedback and collaboration. We believe you can only measure a project's success by its impact on the business.

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True Transparency

Our development process allows for maximum visibility in your investment and progress. We frequently report on your spend to date, resource allocation and burndown, enabling you to make changes along the way.

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Agile Approach

Being agile enables us to react to new opportunities; it provides us with more touch points for you to get involved. We recognize that businesses change, so you need a partner who can adapt today and re-focus for the best product tomorrow.

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Money Matters

Our unique delivery model allows you to control the development pace and spend. Regardless of your budget, we work to quickly bring real impact by strategically releasing features throughout the build.

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We want you to lead the industry with impact-driven, tailored software. From discovery to delivery, let's transform your processes, empower your people and amplify your customer experience.

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