Building better businesses through technology

Don’t let complexity become a distraction. 3merge transforms your unique business with focused technologies that optimize how you work.

High-impact platforms for growth

Every day, we proudly innovate with our Client Partners, embedding solutions that reduce errors, increase data visibility, reduce turnaround times, connect people, increase revenue, reduce costs and the countless other outcomes we obsessively focus on in every project we undertake.

Digital process automation

We transform your tired processes—driven by paper, spreadsheets or dated software—into centralized systems for growth.

We engineer cloud-based self-service portals for internal process optimization and enhanced user experience. We use technology to improve communication, define user roles and track changes to key steps in your workflow.

We build custom business applications with secured online access for your users. For workflow automation, integration or collaboration, our turnkey solutions provide scalable solutions to your team.

If your software no longer fits your processes, causes more pain than it relieves or creates siloes inside your company, we’ll replace it with a custom cloud-native platform.

Every business is a technology business

Automation is not just for enterprise. As your embedded partner, we aid in identifying areas of your business that could benefit from technology and turn tech from an expense into an area of business innovation and growth.


Before a line of code is written, critical steps must be taken to identify why. We’ll guide you through where technology could be applied for the maximum impact and define the outcomes we’re working towards. Together, we’ll define your impossibles.


Our team of experts turns your plan into action while managing risk, leading innovation and maintaining a relentless focus on your core goals. Our custom web applications enable us to conquer your Impossibles together.

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We want you to lead the industry with impact-driven tailored software. From discovery to delivery, let's transform your processes, empower your people and amplify your customer experience.

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